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How to Start Investing at 15: Teen Investment Tips

If you’re a teen reading this article, we can safely assume that you’re pretty smart and eager to start your investment journey early. Maybe you’re tired of just saving your money in a piggy bank or spending it all on video games and snacks. What if we told you that you could start stock investment … Read more

Is Finance Just Math? The Real Answer

Finance is a lot more than just math. It’s about how you understand money, risk and uncertainty. Financial decisions involve both logic and emotion; therefore, finance isn’t just math but also creative field that allows you express your creativity in different ways. Finance is a lot more than just math. Finance is not just math. … Read more

Is Pursuing a Finance Major Lucrative? The Full Guide

In today’s world, it’s important to understand financial concepts and how they apply to your life. Whether you’re just starting out as a student or are looking for a career change, studying the finance major can help you make better decisions with your money (and also lead to you earning a lot of money!). If … Read more

Fintech: The Intersection of Technology and Finance

The financial industry is evolving. More specifically, it’s undergoing a digital transformation. The term fintech refers to the intersection of technology and finance, and as this space has grown rapidly in recent years, so too has its impact on financial services providers—and even consumers. So what does this mean for banks? It means that if … Read more